About Juliana

Changemaker, storyteller & inspirational speaker.

Juliana is passionate about life and its possibilities. She has become a master of turning crisis into opportunities.

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Got a problem?

Let's find a solution and seize opportunities. A breakthrough only happens after a breakdown.

Through her own life experience, Juliana can give your team the tools necessary to overcome any problems, challenges or losses. Crisis means opportunity, and Juliana is a living proof of it. Book her now to take your team on a journey of self-awareness and resilience building. It is not what happens to us, is how we deal with it.


In my chair or yours?

At 19 years of age, a mysterious illness put Juliana Carvalho in a wheelchair. Her autobiographical account draws humour and hope from difficult situations. Her story exposes the mixture of tragedy and comedy that characterize our lives.

"To share our struggles and how we overcome them is an act of generosity. Through my candid memoir, I hope to help and inspire others."

cover of the book in my chair or yours, black and white photo of juliana in her wheelchair, she smiles, the name of the book is in orange and her name in black
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