In My Chair or Yours

In my chair or yours?

At 19, a mysterious illness put Juliana Carvalho in a wheelchair. Her autobiographical account, “In my chair or yours?” draws humour and hopes from difficult situations—without hiding the moments of despair and desire to give up. Her story exposes the mixture of tragedy and comedy that characterize our lives. Juliana weaves vignettes of her life before and after her spinal cord injury, contrasting two realities. She recalls childhood pranks and impressions and reflects on a naive relationship with her family. She writes candidly about teenage rebelliousness, manifested as drinking and partying, and about her own discovery of love and sex. She intensely reveals her inner thoughts about re-adapting to life as a sudden-adult, living with the new limits and overcoming obstacles. She brings us to her revelation that a chair does not modify a fundamental truth: being human is beyond our bodies. Books of its ilk are uncommon. Now it is available in the English-speaking market. Her story is hopeful and uplifting to those with similar circumstances, poignant and inspirational to all.

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News and articles about the book

Juliana's autobiography made headlines in her native Brazil. Now, it is time to gather international attention.

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